has a “Bible Verse of the Day Thread” in its forum. PlayersPrayers interviewed wildman536 who has started the thread:

Q: Your screenname is wildman536, please tell our readers, who you are and what made you choose this wild name.
A: Well the Wildman has something to do with my last name (it is spelled really close to wildman) my football number was 53, and i just added the 6 for no reason.

Q: What made you start the “Bible Verse of the Day Thread” on
A: I really feel that God has had a MAJOR impact on my life and feel that as a person who loves to Bodybuild keep Christ first, and likes discussion forums, it would be good to keep other Christians in on why were able to do what we do by letting them see a small verse of inspiration (almost) everyday.

Q: What do Bible studies and body building have in common?
A: Bible studies and Bodybuilding really have quite a bit more in common than one would think. I believe that if you are a True Christian you will be aware of the Word and make sure that you are living your life according to It. In Bodybuilding it is easy to get into something that can totally take over your mind and body and with this thread i feel that having that daily verse among other posts it’ll just have a positive impact on your day and the way you approach your goals for your body in a Christian way.

Q: What is your favorite Bible verse?
A: As far as Bible Verses i have a TON of favorites. John 3:16 is one that i believe every Christian should know and understand.

Q: What is your favorite exercise?
My favorite exercise would have to be the Dead lift. No other exercise gets my blood going and my body pumped like it.

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