Google’s Quality defeats Yahoo’s Quantity

Compete has just completed a study that says Yahoo compared to Google and Live is the most reliable search engine when it comes to the share of search queries resulting in a referral called “web search fulfillment”:

Now let’s see if that is also true as far as the search query “sport and spirituality” is concerned:

Most results (4,790,000) are delivered by Yahoo.
Google finds as many as 2,280,000 pages.
Live is not really part of the game with 524,474 results.

Quality (i.e. the number of unique meaningful links on the first results page)
Yahoo shows 5 real hits (York St John, The Sport Journal, Neumann College, Christian Today, Catholic Mom) and 4 nonsense links (,,,
Google knows 6 relevant websites (York St John, The Sport Journal, Catholic Online, Neumann College, Buzzle, Springfield College) and 3 scam hits (,,
Live comes up with 5 unique meaningful links (KSL International Archery, Psychology Press, Spirituality & Health, Neumann College, Buzzle)and 4 dead ends (Error 404,,,

Kristen Nicole asks: “Yahoo’s Quality vs. Google’s Quantity. Who wins?”
As far as the search query “sport and spirituality” is concerned we have to state, that Yahoo delivers the greatest Quantity whereas Google has the Quality.
Sport and Spirituality seem to turn the results upside down…

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