Journey Into the Mind of a Sports Blogger


To find out more about who sports bloggers are and what motivates them, Ballhype asked bloggers to fill out an online survey. 135 surveys were completed July 23 – 28, 2007, providing a great set of data points with which to work, especially considering sports bloggers comprise a relatively small segment of bloggers as a whole.
Like any other bloggers sports bloggers first of all are blog readers. John Karalis from RedsArmy says: “I’m online all day long… and I’m always just checking back in to see if anything has popped. Thank God for the RSS feed.”
Morgan admits: “I normally write my blog while I’m at work, so I’m pretty much stealing from my boss.” That’s the way Basketball God’s Diaries come into being.
Erin, next time I’d love to learn a little more about sports bloggers’ religious affiliations as well. Thanks.

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