Baseball and ministerial ethics

MLB player Ben Zobrist is suing his former pastor for various ethics violations. So here are just two things, ministerial ethics could have stopped before any of this happened:

According to deadspin, “in 2016/17, Ben Zobrist entered into counseling with Yawn to discuss his anxiety and depression.” What’s wrong with that? Pastors are not mental health professionals! Depression requires professional counseling and or medical intervention.

Also according to deadspin, “Byron Yawn, who used to be a senior minister at the Community Bible Church in Nashville, Yawn gave some, and also got an executive position with Zobrist’s foundation, Patriot Forward.” What’s wrong with that? As a pastor you cannot do business with parishioners! The sacred trust of a pastoral relationship is in jeopardy once money obligations come with additional power structures.

The baseball player got played here. The pastor should have never done counseling or accepted a job offer.

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