In 2021, Tom Daley offered the BBC’s Alternative Christmas Message. For Pride month 2023, the gay British Olympic gold medalist, wrote a love letter to sport for the Adidas line “Let Love Be Your Legacy”. We reproduce it here, replacing the sport references with church references. Let us imagine a world where both is true, because it is.

You’re a space for everyone. No matter who they are or where they come from. No matter their sexual orientation, gender identity, whatever it is. Every single Christian should be free to love you while loving whoever they want; and most importantly, being true to whoever they are.
There is already so much hate in the world, saying what people can and can’t do at certain levels and in certain spaces. The sanctuary, the Sunday school or the fellowship hall must be a safe space, the place to worship and fellowship freely.
But freely doesn’t mean easy. We are fierce. We pray tough. We work harder. And we love radically. Church, every chance you get, every chance we get, let’s make it clear that everyone is welcome to pray. Let it be known that everyone’s own way is beautiful, valid and enough. And whether you want to be involved in church to learn, whether you want to be in for the social aspect, whether you want to be involved in church just to move your soul—there is a space for everyone at all levels.

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