UN calls for Hallowed Olympic Truce

The President of the United Nations General Assembly made a solemn note in connection with the observance of the Olympic Truce:

Since the eighth century B.C., a hallowed principle of the Olympic Games was to cease fighting. Sports bring a glimpse of peace to the world.

Rusnák brings religious ink to Seattle

Albert Rusnák signed a Designated Player contract with the Seattle Sounders. Rusnák has been linked to almost every club in Major League Soccer, and a few overseas. This type of area coverage is well reflected on his body where every part has multiple tattoos. Real Salt Lake featured a special on Rusnák’s ink in August:

“My sleeve was religious. I believe in God, I got the full thing done and they’re all religious things.”

RSL: I’ll go where you want me to go

Ryan Smith is excited to join the Real Salt Lake Soccer franchise. On his Twitter bio the Utahn sports a line from one of his favorite LDS hymns: “I’ll go where you want me to go”. We will see what the future holds for the 2009 MLS Cup Champion. Co-owner David Blitzer clarifies that they want championships:

And in the meantime, the choir keeps on signing:

Tabernacle Choir

Rachael Kriger leads in sports and spirituality

The National American Soccer Reporters just announced their newly elected officers. Among them is Rachael Kriger as Vice President. She is a true leader at the intersection of sports and spirituality as a soccer reporter and youth minister. Rachael’s Instagram beautifully merges soccer and church. She works as a social media coordinator, a writer and photographer for The Equalizer and as a Youth Minister for Blessed Trinity Catholic Church in Ocala, Florida. Thanks to Rachael and all who promote sports and spirituality.

Catholic schools mourn John Madden

John Madden was football. He made the sport and his namesake video games what they are today. He died at age 85. There was a spiritual side to the loud commentator. As a coach Madden attended mass regularly. On the day of his death, the NFL family remembers him and even Our Lady Of Perpetual Help School mourns the loss of their famous graduate:

Olympic Bishop Tutu dies at 90


The Olympic movement mourns the death of Archbishop Emeritus of Cape Town – and the 1984 Nobel Peace laureate – Desmond Mpilo Tutu. Tutu was one of the leaders of the candidature of Cape Town for the 2004 Olympic Games. In 2002, he was a bearer of the Olympic flag in. He also took part in the flame-lighting ceremony for the Olympic Games Athens 2004 in Ancient Olympia.

The Anglican Church of South Africa prayerfully remembers Tutu by the epitaph he once chose for himself:

He laughed,

He cried,

He loved.

NBA Christmas struggles

Everything looked easy when the NBA first published their plans for Christmas. They were going to play a beautiful schedule. Just like Mary and Joseph planned their trip to Bethlehem, but then… the NBA has to plan contingency after contingency with COVID outbreaks all over the league. Just like Mary and Joseph who couldn’t find a room in an inn.

Christmas in the pandemic NFL

The Packers will face the pandemic-ridden Browns on Christmas Day. Green Bay has a solid history for holiday successes. The Browns are down:

Miracles do happen, but the football gods would have to do some heavy lifting to make up for knocking out a third of the team with COVID-19 before an almost must-win game against an AFC opponent.

By Mary Kay Cabot, cleveland.com

In preparation for their Christmas Day game, the Cardinals are making charity headlines.

The opposing Colts put their effort in XMAS merch:

From the Colts team store