Thankful knee at DWCS Season 5, Episode 8

Armen Petrosyan wins his UFC contract by KO. In his post fight interview he thanks God for the gift of talent. On Instagram he proudly shares his son’s Baptism:

Piera Rodriguez takes a prayerful knee when entering the octagon. She wins her bout by unanimous decision and secures a UFC contract. Kneeling in prayer comes naturally to the fighter:

Hadley wears a cross in DWCS Season 5, Episode 7

Jake Hadley won his bout on the Dana White Contender Series with a rear naked choke. He wore a cross around his neck before and after the fight, when he prayed, “please, God, I wish I get a chance.” His wish was granted and he received a UFC contract. The decision was not easy for Dana because of numerous problems behind the scenes added to the fact the Jake didn’t make weight. Apparently, the UFC boss believes in the power of redemption.

Steeple Hands in DWCS Season 5, Episode 6

Carlos Hernandez took a knee before he entered the octagon. We won his bout in decision and his reaction was to put his hands together in the shape of a steeple pointing towards heaven 🙏 You can catch a first glimpse at the very end of the video above.

Allahu Akbar in the Octagon: DWCS Season 5, Episode 3

Albert Duraev forced Bittencourt to tap out in a first round neck crank. Thus, the Chechen secured his UFC contact and shouted Allahu Akbar in the Octagon, giving God the glory for his success:

DWCS Season 5, Episode 1

Three firsts happened on Tuesday night: For the first time ever, a fighter who didn’t win in the Dana White Contender Series, got a UFC contract. First for the time ever, more contracts were awarded than boughts fought. First the first time ever, PlayersPrayers took on following an entire season of the franchise. Let’s jump right in:

Victor Altamirano will be a newly minted UFC fighter. Among all the punches he finds peace and calm practicing the cello and he loves his Christmas music.

Joanderson Tubarao came out the door like a beast and DWCS loves loud and strong gestures. But seconds later, Brito stopped on the steps up to the octagon and took a knee for a brief moment of quiet reflection. A winner needs a spiritual pause before the action.