Fast forward to the 5th Stage of Grief

It did not come totally unexpected, yet the Death of NFL Europa shocked numerous people. “Death” is true as the sudden good-bye caused real processes of grief:
A first spontaneous reaction was gathering signatures. The message of this was: “It can’t be happening.” A typical sign of the initial stage.
I now propose a jump forward to the 5th Stage of Grief, Acceptance: “Life after NFL Europa is going to be okay.”
Let’s take a look at football’s situation in Europe:
– There are tens of thousands of fans.
– Numerous Sponsors have supported NFLE for years and would surely do it again.
So there is just one alternative:
A real NFL franchise in Europe!
It should be located in Frankfurt because it offers good flight connections and the greatest fan base.
Is that supposed to be realistic?
This question has been asked twice on Yahoo! Answers. The first answer was a sneer. But there is a more precise result as well: You would have to pay $800,000,000 to own an NFL franchise. So,
Stop gatherings signatures, start collecting $800,000,000!
Don’t tell me this can’t be achieved: 50,000 Fans Acquired an English Football Club
About 50,000 myfootballclub members paid £35 (US$72.42), creating a fund of about £1,375,000 (US$3.621.000)

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