No more performative Christianity

PlayersPrayers started with a passion for the intersection of sports and spirituality. Over the past 18 years we have shown professional athletes praying on football fields and in boxing rings. We have talked on where spirituality supported addiction recovery in athletes. We have celebrated the unity that the Olympic Movement and the Ecumenical Movement can foster. Starting today we will no longer elevate what we consider “performative Christianity”. We reported on the dangers of faith expressions in confined spaces or with power differentials in April, when Christians were singing on planes. We admit that over the past 18 years, we have celebrated public expressions of faith without enough consideration for their second hand effects. That ends now.

PlayersPrayers joins the dissent in the Supreme Court’s Kennedy v. Bremerton School District Decision.

Official-led prayer strikes at the core of our constitutional protections for the religious liberty of students and their parents, as embodied in both the Establishment Clause and the Free Exercise Clause of the First Amendment.


Henceforth, we will only report on the intersection of sports and spirituality where it respects persons of all faiths or no faith. Presentations of dominance by athletic or religious professionals will have no space here. We invite stories of vulnerability and spiritual struggle. We will share stories of transformation as long as they don’t proselytize. We continue to believe that sports and spirituality are good for the whole person. Our focus may shift, our volume of coverage may decrease but our dedication remains.

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