York St John University are establishing a Centre for the Study of Sport and Spirituality

“The Centre will be officially launched at the Inaugural Conference, August 2007. It is hoped that scholars and practitioners from sports across the disciplines can meet to engage in a critical discussion about sport and spirituality.”

We’d happy to contribute a popular view on the topic.

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Dick Mac blogs “rantings of an unrepentant old leftist”. Concerning the “Amaechi Case” he offers a virtual match between “The Basketball Player And The Reverend”. His summary: “Thank God for men like John Amaechi!”

Hindo is “a 46 year old Christian Conservative” who believes that homosexuality is a sin. The over all answer to his question “john amaechi–how should christian conservatives react?” is “God bless John Amaechi. I hope he sells lots of books.”

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on the field and beyond

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Stadium @ Church Street
Originally uploaded by playersprayers.

Looking for a stadium where would you go to? – Church Street of course! In Charlotte, NC, you exit Bank of America Stadium and go along Church Street, six blocks later you run into First Presbyterian Church, two more blocks and you are at St. Peter’s Episcopal Church and another two blocks further long the road you find First United Methodist Church.
What a road of sport and spirituality!

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Vail Ressorts Inc. run some of the greatest ski areas in the Rocky Mountains. PlayersPrayers tested three of them. Beaver Creek, Vail and Breckenridge all offer outstanding winter sports facilities. But what about spiritual guidance for skiers and snowboarders?

Beaver Creek does not offer a single slope with religious implications.

Vail at least has a “Christmas” slope which is quite poor for the largest ski resort in the U.S..

PlayersPrayers’ most spiritual ski resort 2006-07 is Breckenridge, Co. There we’ve seen three slopes with explicitly christian names, all of which are not just named for fun or by chance but for good reason:

1. “Angels Rest” is a more difficult trail which is extra wide and although you of course head downhill you really feel like flying in the heavens.

2. “Amen” is not just a good ending for every prayer but also one of Breck’s most difficult trails.

3. Unfortunately we are not able to offer a photo from “Trinity” because lifts were closed due to hazardous avalanche conditions. “Trinity” starts as a single trail (unity), then splits up into two. From one of these two another branch emerges just as the holy spirit is confessed to proceed from the Father and the Son to complete holy “Trinity”. Trinitarian thinking and skiing that rail both require expert skills.

Not counting for the stats but good to know, too: On the North Slope of Peak 9 there are the most evil slopes: “Devils Crotch” followed by “Hades” and “Inferno” and a bit more downhill “Satans”.

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Barnes and Noble are as noble as to show a deep understanding of both sports and spirituality. That is why the bookstands are so close to one another. Thanks for supporting our approach!

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Anheuser-Busch’s crabs impressed the focus group of USA Today’s Admeter. Religious feelings for beer in a super bowl environment, that’s passion at the highest stage.

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