Beginning in 1972, the NHL no longer scheduled games on Christmas (one year after that, it also stopped playing on Christmas Eve).

The National Hockey League announced today that, due to concern for a rising number of positive cases as well as the potential for continued COVID spread in the coming days, the Boston Bruins’ and Nashville Predators’ games will be postponed at least through the scheduled completion of the League’s Holiday Break in the schedule on Dec. 26.

Additionally, due to a number of Toronto and Vancouver Players entering COVID protocol over the past two days, tonight’s Toronto-Vancouver game and tomorrow’s Arizona-Vancouver and Toronto-Seattle games have been postponed.

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Tonight is the first game of the Stanley Cup and the NHL is celebrating the historic trophy. Did you know that Frederick Arthur Stanley also was founder president of the committee for the building of Liverpool Cathedral?

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Make your own Attack Ad

With the election just a few days away AttackAdGenerator is highly praised. Religious words and phrases are legion but this whole thing is not very sporting. I could only find hockey and soccer, both of which lead into one special direction.

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Jordan Vertone is a 16-year-old Analyst whose favorite sports team out of any sport is the Toronto Maple Leafs. He put together a list of the 10 Wimpiest Team Names in Sports. Guess what – teams named after trees or other plants are not part of the game. Jordan thinks

“Angels—it’s a very wimpy name. Angels are messengers of the almighty God, but they do not have the power of the Lord. Plus it just sounds peaceful, nice, and all that it takes to become No. 1 on my list of the Wimpiest Names.”

That is simply not true. Angels are not only those golden-winged cowards Jordan is talking about. Just check out the cherubim that block Adam and Eve out of Eden. This is tough guys – not peaceful and nice.

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are his two front teeth 😉


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