Skateboarding and Suffering as Olympic Disciplines

The new Netflix original documentary “World Debut” tells the story how Skateboarding, Surfing, and Climbing Became Olympic Sports. It follows the journeys of advocates and pioneers of their sports. It takes grit, endurance, and passion to make it to the games. The same is true for making it through the bureaucratic hurdles of the Olympic movement. Along the way, skateboarding pioneeer Gary Ream lost his son Brandon to bone cancer. He kept on fighting:

9.64 seconds on a prayer

Usain Bolt crushed the Olympic record for 100m. The Jamaican needed years of dedicated training and a prayer with the sign of the cross and a redirecting towards heaven right before the race. What helps you win in life and on the court?

Space Jam Prayers

Space Jam: A New Legacy is here! What a great chance to rewatch the 1996 original. The greatest players of their day get all their skills sucked out of them by aliens. They try everything to get them back, including prayer:

Mormons run in Crocs

We live in Utah, the land of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. The Independence Day Parade in our city had a 5K earlier in the morning. We noticed many of the finishers wore Crocs instead of running shoes. Now, Utah has many oddities, but this was a new one. Turns out, running in Crocs is a recent Mormon success story:

Mormons have a bunch of kids. And Benjamin who ran so fast is one of ten kids. Benjamin’s dad retells the story of how it all started:

Well, it started by accident really, back in 2009. About to head out for a run, I noticed that two of my children were wearing Crocs: “We’re ready!” they said. And despite me telling them to go and put some proper shoes on, they insisted they were fine as they were. Not in the mood to argue, I went along with it.

Via running heroes

And the moral of the story: kids can spark innovation.

Gervonta spiritual Boxer of the month

July is here, and that is reason enough for WBA to crown their boxer of the month: Gervonta Davis. It turns out, that he starts every fight with the sign of the cross. That is a Christian symbol which references Christ’s suffering. That makes an interesting choice in boxing because this ritual expresses an acceptance of pain.