Hit the Gym, says Pope

In a recent tweet, Pope Francis, advises people should hit the gym hard: “Fraternal love is a gymnasium of the spirit.” Compassion takes training. How are you working on that today?

Dead lifting his way to Heaven.

Chaplain (Major General) Thomas L. Solhjem announced the commission of the Army’s first CrossFit chaplain. “With CrossFit being the largest growing religion followed by soldiers, it only made sense to commission a chaplain who could meet their specific needs.” Read more on them Duffel Blog.

How has spiritual fitness changed your life?

Bodybuilding.com asked its twitter followers how fitness has changed their life. Here are some answers. Just we read them to include spiritual fitness as well. Spiritual fitness and physical fitness both have life-changing effects:


Pumping Pastor

A very passionate and enthusiastic pastor shares his story about going from SuperCross to backstage at the Olympia where he offers his services to carb depleted competitors. The point is someone other than the immediate staff helps an athlete and that benefits everyone. Read the exclusive interview with Pastor Mike from StrongholdMinistries on Bodybuilding.com. His core concept is: “We simply want to be available.”

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Virtues and values in sports and religion

Douglas Todd is more of a preacher than a newspaper author. Focussing on “the Virtues and values in sports and religion” he subtitles: “One teaches marketplace values about how to win; the other can contribute to our capacity for compassion.” and summarizes: “All powerful organizations — athletic, educational, governmental, charitable, business and media — are necessary for advancing the ideals of a civil society. Religious communities could well be the most influential of them all.”

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Easter workouts

At Twitter nearly everyone is excited about Easter. Here are our favorite Easter workouts from Twitterers:

Anthony: “Getting ready to workout after a late night and a lovely sleep in. Happy Easter Sunday, everybody.”

Keith: “No Easter chocolate, just an Easter workout … is that legal?”

Jenn: “great morning workout, time to hit the shower and head to my grandma’s for Easter treats and family time”

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