Gyasi Zardes offers #allglorytoGod

Gyasi Zardes scored two goals in Columbus’ 2-1 victory over CF Montreal. That earned him the honor of MLS Player of the Week for Wk. 27:

In all his own Tweets the forward faithfully uses his hashtag #allglorytoGod forwarding all glory back to its source:

Pastoral Care in the Officiating Community shares a story about Wesley Theological Seminary members serving as chaplains to Northern Virginia’s Cardinal Basketball Officials Association (CBOA), “an organization of amateur basketball officials from all walks of life.” The clergy members are responding everywhere to support people suffering from the many COVID-19 related stressors of the past 18 months: illness, grief, job loss and more. Love’em or hate’em: referees are people, too.

Sticks and Balls and Natural Spirituality

Dr. Lisa Miller believes that every parent can enhance their child’s natural spirituality. And one great way to do that is through sports: “Sports teams tap into kids’ hardwired spiritual values: for selfless commitment, collective practice, ritual, play, and higher purpose.”

A prime example in Miller’s research is the parallel of Baseball and Divinity: “Basically all sports that involve balls and sticks are far more similar than different: baseball, cricket, polo, croquet, even lacrosse and hurling; we just bend and swing in different forms. Essentially, around the world we all are balanced and built with the same legs and arms, and nature has it that sticks and balls move the same way. So, too, with natural spirituality and the core transcendent faculty: the way in which we connect in the transcendent relationship really does not differ much; it is foundationally essential to how we all are built.”

La Chofis scores hat trick and blesses God

Javier Lopez scored his first MLS hat trick last Wednesday. For that NASR made him MLS Player of the Week:

Just a couple of days later, the Earthquakes Midfielder blesses God for his birthday:

Allahu Akbar in the Octagon: DWCS Season 5, Episode 3

Albert Duraev forced Bittencourt to tap out in a first round neck crank. Thus, the Chechen secured his UFC contact and shouted Allahu Akbar in the Octagon, giving God the glory for his success:

Master of Pardons at Football in Israel

The great confession of Yom Kippur is sung during a soccer match in Israel. We at PlayersPrayers wish g’mar chatimah tovah to everyone observing Yom Kippur. Across the rest of sports world, most greetings come from British Football:

Chicho Arango shares the light

The North American Soccer Reporters crowned LA’s Cristian Arango MLS player of the week.

Just days earlier, the forward quotes Genesis 1:3 and the creation of light. Good things are coming for the rookie.