NBA Christmas struggles

Everything looked easy when the NBA first published their plans for Christmas. They were going to play a beautiful schedule. Just like Mary and Joseph planned their trip to Bethlehem, but then… the NBA has to plan contingency after contingency with COVID outbreaks all over the league. Just like Mary and Joseph who couldn’t find a room in an inn.

Servant Preacher to lead Utah Jazz

The Utah Jazz have a great home court advantage, thanks to Mormon cultural support. Today’s announcement strengthens those ties. Danny Ainge is a leader both in Church and Hoops. His tagline on Twitter is a quote from the Book of Mormon which speaks to love and humility:

“I know that he loveth his children; nevertheless, I do not know the meaning of all things.”

1 Nephi 11:17

Chanukah in Basketball

Chag Sameach to our readers! Check out our social media to see how professional sports teams commemorate the Jewish Festival of Lights. The Orlando Magic even hosted their local Chana’s Chapter to celebrate Chanukah Night at the Amway Center! They shared the spirit of Chanukah throughout the night with a pregame-concert, Chanukah Performances and in-game interactions!

Pastoral Care in the Officiating Community shares a story about Wesley Theological Seminary members serving as chaplains to Northern Virginia’s Cardinal Basketball Officials Association (CBOA), “an organization of amateur basketball officials from all walks of life.” The clergy members are responding everywhere to support people suffering from the many COVID-19 related stressors of the past 18 months: illness, grief, job loss and more. Love’em or hate’em: referees are people, too.

Space Jam Prayers

Space Jam: A New Legacy is here! What a great chance to rewatch the 1996 original. The greatest players of their day get all their skills sucked out of them by aliens. They try everything to get them back, including prayer:

Basketball, Faith, and Gender Identity

Layshia Clarendon is a point guard in the WNBA. ESPN produced a beautiful cover story of their journey through basketball, faith, and gender identity. Layshia couldn’t fit in a sexual binary until finally they found peace and empowerment in embracing God’s unboxed love. Now, the Minnesota Lynx can say, “I’m really grateful for God for not letting me stay there.”

Cheerleading Nuns

Basketball fans in Sassari – Sardinia’s second largest city – were recently treated to a special halftime show. A group of nuns, monks and priests performed a routine to disco music while wearing traditional robes and habits. The group is on a tour of Italian discos and nightclubs to spread the message of Christianity to young people.
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