Eid Mubarak

As Muslims around the world end the Ramadan fast, the sporting world wishes blessing. Especially the UFC and Soccer are heavily involved in reaching out to their Muslim athletes and fans:

Easter changes everything for MMA

In the Christian faith, the resurrection of Jesus takes the sting out of death. The beginning of the Easter season reminds us of Paul’s call :

“Where, O death, is your sting?”

1. Corinthians 15:55

Only three days into season year’s Eastertide, the Professional Fighter’s League (PFL) will experience its own resurrection of sorts- they’ll be back on ESPN:

Kayla Harrison’s Blessing

PFL millionaire, two time Olympic gold medalist Kayla Harrison came on the Throwing Down Podcast. She clearly defines “blessing” as only a martial artist can:

Every time we get to step on the mat is a blessing

Kayla Harrison

Takeaway lessons:

  • Blessing in an action, not a state
  • Blessing has a time and place
  • Blessing requires training and repetition

PFL Champion aligns with homophobic church

Two times PFL champion Kayla Harrison went to a church Valentines Party. She attends Park Ridge Church in Coralsprings, Florida. The church aggressively claims, “Christians should oppose […] homosexuality.” Kayla is posing happily for a photo at church knowing full well that the place is very exclusive in which kinds of love are celebrated and demonized. “Happy Valentines to me but not to you,” is a strange message to teach your children.

Humble White Lion at DWCS Season 5, Episode 10

Exactly one year before winning his UFC contract in the final episode of season 5 of the contender series, Yohan Lainesse, posted the following prayer on his knees:

After his knockout hook, the white lion jumps and yells loudly. Apparently, he incorporates both sides of the human experience: enthusiasm and humility, noise and silence. That’s what a well-balanced spirituality is all about.

Islam Unites at DWCS Season 5, Episode 9

Two Muslim fighters won their bouts and their UFC contracts. Javid Basharat fought back, verbally and in the ring, when his opponent called him a terrorist. The UFC professional reminds his twitter followers that Islam is a religion of peace:

Gadzhi Omargadzhiev wins his UFC contract with the first kneebar ever on the Dana White Contender Series. During a recent training camp in Istanbul he took time to promote unity, when he posted, “sport unites regardless of nation and religion.”