Easter workouts

At Twitter nearly everyone is excited about Easter. Here are our favorite Easter workouts from Twitterers:

Anthony: “Getting ready to workout after a late night and a lovely sleep in. Happy Easter Sunday, everybody.”

Keith: “No Easter chocolate, just an Easter workout … is that legal?”

Jenn: “great morning workout, time to hit the shower and head to my grandma’s for Easter treats and family time”

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McCain Explains It All For You

Near the summit of the Easter Season Huffington Post makes McCain explain religious holidays, e.g.:
“The Burning Bush. A traditional Jewish sports ritual similar to our Super Bowl.”
“Easter. Christian Ground Hog Day.”
Today’s question is not: “Whom do you want to answer the phone?” but “Whom do you want to host the Easter Egg Roll?”
McCain: “I threw many egg-like grenades during my military service.”
Obama: “It’s time for change, but I would continue that tradition.”
Clinton: “I hosted the presidential Easter Egg Roll many times.”

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Mail.com upgraded

Early times email provider m@il.com finally meets today’s standards. They have always been great in offering over 250 choices in domain names for your email adress. The Faith / Philosphies Category alone accounts for 11 choices:


Not included are all the fan names they offer via NHL Email.
This week they increased storage from 100MB to a 3 Gigabytes for free accounts.

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Favre retirement coverage has been overblown

EPIC CARNIVAL lists Top 11 signs that the Favre retirement coverage has been overblown. The No. 1 sign is:

“1. Holy Ghost bumped from Christian Trinity, with only a successful mid-season comeback keeping Favre from the second spot”

Let’s restrain to the facts:
– Brett Favre was a Super Bowl winning and a three time MVP
– Brett, his wife Deanna Tynes and their two daughters, Brittany and Breleigh are members of the Roman Catholic Church
A real hero of sport and spirituality has retired.

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