Eli Manning led the Giants to an improbable victory in Super Bowl XLII.
Could you predict it? Maybe, because on Twitter there were more pro-Giants prayers than Patriotic ones:

macflauaus : Morning everyone! Today is the day that I pray I hope I’m right: a Super Bowl victory from the Giants!

cottonandsand : What im thinking in church today: pray for the Giants!

CathleenRitt : Hail Mary full of grace the lord is with thee. Please also be with the Giants. Pray for us twitterers now and at the hour of 6pm EST Amen

RobsaysHello123 : I pray the Patriots rise to victory and become forever remembered Good night n good luck.

That was 3:1 in prayers for the NY Giants, but not everyone thinks you should pray for a Super Bowl:

eoosen : thinks football is silly. Sunday is pray-day.

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