Colin in Black & White is a highly bingable Netflix miniseries that is part documentary and part growing up drama. It is the story of former QB Colin Kaepernick as he struggles through growing up as a black kid in a white world. Islands of black culture show up as sanctuaries in a largely dangerous white sea. Persons of faith are all white and not helpful for the struggling teenager with a big dream of becoming an NFL quarterback:

In Episode three, the viewers learn why Colin’s dad was always caught speeding but never got pulled over: He is white. In this episode, Colin gets to drive for the first time to one of his games. Dad in the passenger seat blesses himself with the sign of the cross as they pull out of the driveway. Sure enough, the black teenager gets pulled over and the cop reaches for his gun. Dad remains clueless as to why that happened. He represents ignorant white faith.

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